Is it Time to Grow? Eric Baird Looks at Ways to Know Your Business Is Ready for the Next Step

Eric Baird Sarasota

February 2, 2021

Eric Baird

Local real estate investor and businessman extraordinaire Baird is sharing his talents for business owners who are looking at expanding their operations. As an entrepreneur who has started and sold multiple businesses, Baird shares with the masses his formula for determining whether a business is ready to move to the next step.

Baird is no stranger to delivering dreams. Believing in his own idea of becoming a successful business owner, Eric began with a $30,000 loan and free advertising space. As CEO at the helm of Baird Inc., he believes in helping serve the needs of small-cap and mid-market clients.

Speaking on the importance of private equity and financing firms, Baird reveals key indicators he uses to know your business is ready for the next step by using his own model. He believes in the big dreamers and people who believe in themselves. “We don’t discriminate on businesses who need capital. We base our decision on a borrower’s strategic plan. As long as it’s growth-oriented and has a feasible expectation, we’re in,” says Baird.

Drawing from his belief in having diversity in investments, he shares his formula for building a portfolio that minimizes risk, which is something every business should have. When businesses get to a place where they need capital to sink or swim, Erichelps business owners realize whether what they want to do and need to do is realistic. For those businesses that need to move forward and have no source of capital, Baird Inc. is right there to help put everything together.

“One of the reasons Baird Inc. is so passionate about helping smaller entities is because I’ve been there,” says Baird. It’s one thing for someone else to discount your dream, but my goal was to give an opportunity to the dreamers and startups that can actually make a difference if they just believe.”

The dream of success has been realized ten-fold, with Baird’s lucrative strategic approaches being a hot commodity for business owners to learn the secrets. With success in his DNA, Baird started and grew his business over 15 years into an operation with more than 400,000 customers from all over the world. Eric Baird used his skills to grow his company, selling it in 2012 when it was worth $200 million.